Top 10 Tips for Protecting Your Office Printers

While we invest significant resources in safeguarding our networks and computers, office printers are often overlooked. However, keeping office printers secure is essential to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
Here are some practical […]

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A Print Assessment is a Must for Every Business: Here’s Why

Managed Print Services is a great option for your organization’s print solutions. But it is important to note that most providers also offer ongoing print assessment in their contracts, in addition to providing hardware […]

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The Weakest Link: Office Printer Vulnerabilities

When hackers want to gain access to your network, they only need to look for the weakest link – and they know in most cases, that will be your office printer. Over half of […]

Important Printer Security Tips

Despite a focus on network security, many companies still overlook their printer security. After all, what can a hacker do with your printer? Actually, quite a lot. From your printer, they can steal sensitive […]

Printer Security Best Practices

Today, print devices are much more than just printers. They are sophisticated document and data storage devices on the network, and as such, are vulnerable as a potential source for a data breach. Along […]

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Best Practices to Protect Your Unsecured Printers

Networking computers is a cost-effective, efficient, convenient method of ensuring that all employees have easy access to resources, including printing. Unfortunately, this same technology that allows businesses to save time and money can become […]

3 Critical Steps to Defend Your Print Environment

Cybertheft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. It’s estimated that cybercrime will be responsible for costing businesses an average of $6 trillion each year through 2021. With a figure that large, it’s no […]

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The Vulnerabilities with Printers and How to Strengthen Printer Security

All too often, printers aren’t included in a company’s security strategy. This is because few people suspect that an office printer could pose any threat to the organization. However, in reality, the typical unsecured […]

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