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When hackers want to gain access to your network, they only need to look for the weakest link – and they know in most cases, that will be your office printer. Over half of all businesses forget to include the printer in their security strategy, leaving their network open to attack. These five security weak links point to why you need to secure your office printers.

  1. Access to the Network – All of the devices on your network are linked. Once a hacker gains access to one, they can gain entry to other devices on your network and wreak havoc. An unsecured printer is like an unlocked door – an invitation for criminals to walk right in.
  1. Denial of Service and Other Attacks – Your printer is a major hub of your workflow, and if it’s infiltrated by hackers, it could mean no work getting done. Attacks on your printer can make it print random jobs, transmit faxes, change it’s settings, or deny you all use of your printer, forcing you to take it offline.
  1. Data Breaches – Inside the modern printer is a hard drive, full of data from all of your print jobs. Once a hacker gains access, they can take this data, causing problems for you, your employees, and your clients. It’s essential to encrypt your print data and routinely erase the hard drive to help guard against data breaches.
  1. Unguarded Prints – Not all printer attacks are digital. If you leave prints on the print tray, anyone can take them. If these prints contain sensitive or confidential information, it can cause serious problems, including identity theft and regulatory compliance failure. Pull printing can help prevent this, not printing until the user is physically present at the printer.
  1. Mobile Print – If you want employees to be able to access the printers when they’re on the go, security is even more important to ensure only authorized users and devices are using your printers. The more devices you allow, the more risks there are, so security is essential.

Your network is only as secure as your weakest link. While companies spend money on securing their devices, many overlook the office printer, making it a perfect target for hackers. Including your printer in your security strategy, utilizing encryption, keeping your firmware up-to-date, and using multiple forms of user authentication can all help keep your office printer and your business safe.

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