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Cybertheft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. It’s estimated that cybercrime will be responsible for costing businesses an average of $6 trillion each year through 2021. With a figure that large, it’s no wonder that businesses are now making cybersecurity a priority. However, it’s crucial that businesses include both their PCs and printers in cybersecurity planning.

Printers can pose a number of vulnerabilities to your business and serve as an easy access point to your network. Here are several ways that your printer can create a security threat for your business:

  • Unprotected internal drives or hard disks that contain sensitive data
  • Mobile printing
  • Intercepted print jobs
  • Confidential documents left on output tray
  • Unauthorized access

Fortunately, you can prevent a security breach for your business by taking the following steps to secure your printer:

Step 1: Secure the device.

Today’s printers offer embedded features and solutions to help protect your device from a malicious cyberattack. Make sure that your printer is compliant with international recognized security standards. Utilize the latest security software, but make sure that all updates to printers are code signed to ensure authenticity and integrity. Protect your device by requiring user authentication.

Step 2: Secure the data.

Whether data is in transit or is being stored on your printer’s hard drive, it requires constant protection. Encrypting data will make it impossible to read if intercepted, and the latest printers offer built-in encryption to safeguard data. As a best practice, regularly erase the data stored on your printer’s hard drive.

Step 3: Secure the documents.

Sensitive documents left on the output tray pose a major security threat for your business. Utilize pull printing to allow users to retrieve print jobs at the device by inputting a user authentication code. Establish a secure mobile printing plan for employees to print remotely from their smartphones, tablets, or notebooks.

Considering today’s complex threat environment for cyberattacks, it’s critical that your business establishes a cohesive cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an organization’s security strategy to contain critical gaps. Contact us to learn how to defend your print environment and safeguard your business from cybercrime.

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