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Managed Print Services is a great option for your organization’s print solutions. But it is important to note that most providers also offer ongoing print assessment in their contracts, in addition to providing hardware and software solutions. This is a vital service that is a must for every business that gives you insight that can help you save time and money by analyzing how printers are used, how they print, and what is being printed. Here are multiple ways that a print assessment can benefit your business.

Provides an understanding of your actual printing costs.

The costs associated with business printing are expensive, but they can be difficult to pinpoint. A print assessment helps you determine where your money is being spent and why, to give you a clear picture of where you could cut your costs.

Identifies waste and overuse.

There is a lot of waste related to business printing, along with possible over or misuse of printers. A print assessment reviews how your printers are being used and why. This helps identify cost-saving measures to help reduce your print needs.

Gives you a better understanding of your print environment.

A print assessment analyzes your entire print environment, including all network devices, printers, IT costs, servers and cloud servers, downtime, service calls and maintenance. You get a complete picture of whether your environment is meeting your print needs and what actions are required to implement to improve it.

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Simplifies print network architecture through consolidation.

A single location may have many printers that are used for specific purposes. However, there may be more printers than needed with some sitting unused. A print assessment can help determine which printers are being used most and make recommendations for consolidating printers into a smaller amount to reduce costs and simplify the print network’s architecture.

Aligns your print fleet with your business needs.

Your business’s printing needs can change. Print assessments on a regular basis can help determine if your print solutions are keeping up with your current needs. This allows you to take action and optimize your print network to better meet those needs.

Helps reduce cybersecurity risks.

Your business’s computer network is only as secure as its weakest links. Printers are often overlooked as one of the biggest cybersecurity risks to most businesses. A print assessment can alert you to vulnerabilities in your printing network, allow you to mitigate those risks, and improve security and compliance within your organization.

Yes, a printing assessment is a must, especially when you first enter into a Managed Print Services contract. But remember, it is also important to consider an ongoing print assessment to make sure your printing needs are being met and optimized when needed. By doing so, you’ll save your organization both time and money. Ask us about our assessment services for businesses like yours!



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