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Cloud Printing

Start tracking, monitoring, and managing your print environment in the cloud, instead of using on-premise infrastructure.

It’s time to improve and secure your print strategy.

Embracing cloud printing technology can help companies like yours streamline workflows, control usage, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.
Our cloud printing solutions were developed with zero-trust principles to ensure you can print, scan, and fax securely from any location or device, including your phone.

Don’t let your technology hold you back.

“96% of security decision-makers state that zero-trust is critical to their business’ success.”

Zero Trust Adoption Report

Can you relate to these

common print challenges?

Solve your print challenges with UBS Cloud Printing

Our Cloud Printing services are catered to your specific needs. If you’re looking to reign in excessive printing, improve print security, print on the go, and improve workflows, our Cloud Printing technology has you covered. Not to mention, our technology can help you eliminate the need for on-premise server infrastructure, saving you space and money.

Get the service you deserve.

Whether you’re implementing new software or making an update, it’s not always easy. Let our team of experienced experts proactively manage your technology to ensure you stay up and running. We strive to provide service you can count on.

Meet our trusted Cloud Printing partners.

About uniFLOW

UBS brings years of experience implementing uniFLOW Online, a secure print and scan management solution in the public cloud.
This scalable SaaS solution, developed with Zero Trust principles, ensures the security of your print and scan operations. Experience secure printing, advanced scanning, and automated filing from anywhere, using personal devices like smartphones and tablets.
Built on Microsoft Azure, uniFLOW Online facilitates easy driver deployment and supports various job submission pathways from a unified platform, catering to the specific needs of your organization.

About PaperCut

UBS is a nationally recognized Managed Print Services leader providing PaperCut software to transform traditional print management with user-friendly and cost-efficient solutions for businesses and educational institutions.
This allows UBS customers to better monitor, control, and optimize print usage, encouraging responsible practices and cost allocation. Features like print quotas and secure release enhance efficiency and reduce waste.
With broad device and OS support, PaperCut seamlessly integrates into diverse environments. Its intuitive interface and analytics empower administrators to make informed decisions, streamlining print workflows and cutting operational expenses.

It’s time to take control & secure your print infrastructure.

By partnering with UBS, you’ll receive:
  • Usage and cost control
  • Flexible authentication and authorization
  • Secure printing
  • Mobile printing
  • Document scanning
  • Expense tracking
  • Improved office productivity
  • Zero landfill recycling services
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