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Today, print devices are much more than just printers. They are sophisticated document and data storage devices on the network, and as such, are vulnerable as a potential source for a data breach. Along with documents left in the output tray or on the glass, most printers store sensitive information in their memory that can be recalled or intercepted. Your printer should be managed and protected, just like the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Here are some printer security best practices to help keep your company’s information safe and secure.

  • Start by Securing the Device – Defend your data at the source. If you have printers in the open, move them to a secure room or physically secure your devices. Disable ports to prevent unauthorized use. Control access using authentication and authorization to secure access to settings and functions.
  • Secure the Data – Sensitive data is vulnerable when in transit on your network. Whenever possible use encryption to protect data when in transit and if it is intercepted.
  • Protect the Document – Have you ever gone to the printer only to find multiple documents in the printer tray? These documents are a security risk if they can be carried off or viewed by anyone at the device. If you can, activate push (or pull) printing to reduce unclaimed documents. Users can authenticate themselves and print to a secure network, then retrieve output when and where necessary.
  • Monitor and Manage Your Print Environment – There’s more to security than managing documents. There are tools available that can help you to track and record jobs, monitor usage and audit printing practices. These tools can help you to identify workers that may be taking advantage of their print privileges or ignoring policies as well as uncover opportunities to save money.

Are you ready to learn more? Give us a call for more information about securing your documents and safeguarding your sensitive data. Let us provide your business with a comprehensive printing solution.


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