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Just like their larger counterparts, small and medium-sized businesses rely on technology to drive business productivity. However, despite this, most SMBs have limited budgets and IT resources available to them. One area of business operations that SMBs particularly struggle with is the management of their print environment. While printing is often overlooked by many businesses, it’s typically the third largest operating expense that businesses face.

To help combat this challenge, many SMBs are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) as a solution to tackle the high costs and productivity drain associated with an unmanaged print environment.

At the onset of the relationship, an MPS provider will typically conduct a print assessment, which will identify inefficiencies in current printing practices and highlight areas for improvement. This alone can help SMBs to reduce costs by as much as 30 percent.

With the fact-based data gathered from the print assessment, an MPS provider can then design the optimal print environment for your workplace, taking into account printing activities, printing behaviors and user needs. By strategically placing printing equipment near those that need it most, an MPS provider can help to create a more productive work environment for your employees.

Understanding the need to make files easier to locate, improve workflows, and maximize square footage in the office, an MPS provider can help your team to transition from a paper-intensive workplace to one that embraces digital technology. By converting paper processes to digital versions, you can create a secure and traceable workflow to dramatically speed up processes and make it easy for employees to quickly find the data that they need. And, when paper files are converted to digital versions, there is no longer a need for file cabinets that take up space in the workplace.

Managed Print Services can also help SMBs with their sustainability goals. In addition to significantly reducing the amount of paper that your business uses, an MPS provider can also recommend energy efficient printing equipment and help establish a company-wide recycling program for used print cartridges.

SMBs that take advantage of the benefits that an MPS partnership can provide will gain a competitive edge. Please contact a United Business Systems representative to learn more about how MPS can help you to gain control of printing costs, improve efficiency, boost productivity and assist with your sustainability goals.

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