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Paper – seems like it’s everywhere. If you need proof, just check out the printer and see how much paper is typically piled up … with up to 17 percent of those hard copies ending up abandoned.

You don’t have to put up with paper and toner waste when scanning technology has come such a long way. In fact, you probably have sophisticated scanning functions right on your multifunction printer.

Integrate scanning in the workplace

You can move toward a more “paperless” workplace with help from UBS.

Let us assess your print output and show you where digital documents may replace traditional hard copies without any compromise to communication or data security.

We’ll optimize scanning for your multifunction printers, train your staff on how to scan right from their desktop, and show you just how much you can save in resource cost by reducing your print load.

Smart scanners

Today’s scanners feature Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which enables the device to automatically convert text into an editable format and reduces the manual step of rekeying data – in other words, it’s a real time-saver.

Digital documents are much easier to share and store digitally, and can even improve floor space by cutting the need for filing cabinets.

Scan more, print less

As part of a Managed Print Services program, a scanning solution makes the most of your printer investment, saves resource cost, includes comprehensive security measures, and simply makes life easier for users within and outside your workplace.

Once you and your associates start scanning, you’ll think twice about printing – and every saved hard copy is money saved to your operations budget.

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