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Did you know that the typical small business spends approximately 15 percent of its budget on printing costs? The right Managed Print Services (MPS) provider, however, can help to significantly reduce these costs while also creating a more efficient workplace.

With this being said, it’s worth your while to carefully consider which MPS provider you choose to work with. A true MPS partner will take the time to understand your business and be able to best identify opportunities to save costs and streamline your document processes.

Here are several questions to ask that will help you choose the best MPS partner for your business:

What type of analysis does the MPS provider offer? 

A good MPS provider will conduct an in-depth analysis to accurately tell you what you’re currently spending on printing and insight into your employees’ printing behaviors and needs.

What type of track record and reputation does the MPS provider have?

Does the provider have experience in working with businesses in your industry? What do previous clients have to say about their relationship with the MPS provider?

How can the provider improve document workflow?

While the workplace is becoming more digital, many businesses still rely heavily on paper processes. How will the MPS provider be able to optimize your existing workflows? Does the provider offer the ability to integrate digital and hardcopy processes?

Will the proposed solutions be compatible with your current IT infrastructure?

If the answer is yes, how much of your existing IT investment will you be able to leverage with the proposed MPS solutions? Will the provider offer the ability to connect devices seamlessly to cloud applications? Will you be able to offer employees the ability to print from their mobile devices?

Will the MPS provider be able to grow with your business?

Managed Print Services is an investment, so you’ll want to choose a partner that will be able to serve your long-term needs. How long will the proposed solutions take to implement and how much will they cost?

How will the MPS provider help with security?

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and a popular entry point to a network is through a networked printer. What will the provider do to keep your data secure?

Asking these questions upfront can help you choose the right MPS partner that will continue to benefit your business in the long term.

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