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Managed Print Services (MPS) has gained much visibility in recent years as businesses work on getting costs under control. When an MPS provider is engaged, their first order of business is to determine exactly where your current print environment stands. This is accomplished by performing a comprehensive audit, or assessment of your current print environment.

An assessment will give you insight into what your print is actually costing your business (you’ll be surprised!), the current state of your technology and how to implement more sustainable print practices for starters.  Let’s look at some of the key elements a print assessment addresses:

•Inventory Technology – First your MPS provider will examine your existing technology. This includes a full inventory of all your devices, networked and offline. Gaining insight into your inventory and utilization will help your MPS provider to design a more effective print infrastructure for your needs.

•Utilization – Software monitoring can help to determine who is using the devices by department and user, which machines are being used the most (and least!), color prints vs black and white and more. This includes tracking workflows throughout the life of a document.

•Total Cost of Ownership – Digging into the numbers, your MPS provider will determine your direct and indirect costs by device including maintenance costs, services and supplies.

•Analyze Workflows – An MPS provider will study how information flows through your organization. This can help to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your workflows so they can be made more user friendly!

•Environmental Impact – We’re all striving for sustainability. Your MPS provider will examine your current eco-footprint and offer recommendations for more sustainable business practices. For example, reducing consumables by defaulting to two-sided printing (paper use cut in half!), implementing a used cartridge recycling program, even transferring documents to digital format to reduce paper and toner use.

Upon completing the assessment, your MPS provider will present you with a comprehensive report breaking down your costs, workflows and TCO per device. It will include recommendations for immediate improvement and explain how an MPS program can help to manage your fleet, provide service and maintenance, including ordering supplies, and help desk support.

Want to learn more about how you can reduce your print expenses, increase productivity, and improve your eco-footprint while delivering savings directly to your bottom line? Contact one of our team members today to schedule a complimentary, comprehensive print assessment!

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