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Many businesses are aware of the dangers of a security breach and have invested significant amounts of money to protect their internal and external networks. But one area often overlooked is a breach from inside the organization. Did you know that 35% of electronic crime is committed by insiders, like disgruntled or former employees?

There are three areas that you should consider when implementing a data security program for your business.

  • Your People – Limiting access by using PIN numbers, keycards or other identifiers can help you to secure your network and monitor users.
  • Your Documents – Sensitive documents should be secured by flagging or blocking access. Using company watermarks can also help to secure sensitive data. Consider shredding sensitive documents when no longer needed before recycling.
  • Devices and Network – Devices should only release documents with authentication. Hard drives should be encrypted and regularly erased. Consider limiting personal printers that do not track or monitor users.

Security is the responsibility of every member of your organization. Make sure your employees understand your security plan and that document security is job one. Canon offers innovative solutions to help your business keep documents secure. Contact your UBS representative to learn more!



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