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October is the time for spooky stories, ghosts and goblins. But if you want to be really scared, look no further than your office print environment. Your paper use and associated costs may be nothing short of terrifying when you realize how much you’re spending and how it affects the world around you.

Consider these statistics:

Per Person

Do you know how much paper each person in your office uses? On average, they use 10,000 sheets per year. The average office has 19 copies of each printed document. Overall, every person in the U.S. uses a 100-foot tall tree worth of paper and wood products annually. When you put it in these terms, it’s amazing how much paper is used each year.

In Terms of Waste

Paper waste is the single largest waste category, making up 28% of all solid waste. This amounts over 71 million tons of waste each year. Think of how much paper your office disposes of – how much of it needed to be printed in the first place?

Your Costs

How much does it cost for those 10,000 prints per employee? Upwards of $700! On average, offices lose one document for every 20 printed, and then spend up to $120 looking for those lost pages. Print is often the third highest cost for business, and yet as many as 90% of companies don’t know exactly how much they’re spending on print. In fact, many print-related expenses are never approved through a formal process. Adding to the costs, nearly half of IT help desk calls are print related, taking away from the efficiency and productivity of the entire office.

Scared yet? The impact print and paper use have on the environment and your bottom line is a serious problem for many companies. You can help reduce your paper use – and its associated costs – by implementing a print policy aimed at reducing unnecessary printing and better paper use practices. Your budget and the environment will thank you. Contact us today and let us help you get started!

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