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To remain competitive in today’s business world means constantly looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity. For many companies, the last un-audited area of the business is the print environment. To address this, businesses of all sizes are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) as a way to save time, money, and resources.

After rent and payroll, printing expenses are often the third highest expense for many businesses. Along with benefits like streamlining workflows, improving performance and enhancing security, an MPS provider can also save businesses up to 30% on their print costs almost immediately.

If you’re considering an MPS solution, here are three signs to watch for that can support your decision to get your print under control with a Managed Print solution.

Unpredictable/Unmonitored Print Expenses

In an unmanaged print environment, month-to-month print expenses can vary widely. With MPS you’ll pay a fixed monthly cost that will make budgeting easier. An MPS provider will perform routine maintenance, streamline the ordering of supplies, provide help desk support and proactively work to keep your fleet up and running, eliminating downtime and keeping your costs stable… and predictable!

Productivity Issues – You’re Wasting Both Time and Resources

Nothing’s worse than a printer breakdown that makes your business grind to a halt! How much of your team’s time is spent addressing print-related issues in your business? Unnecessary downtime, overprinting pages, and habits like using color print when a document could be printed in black-and-white are wasteful practices that could be costing you thousands every year.

An MPS provider helps eliminate downtime, manage resources more efficiently, and streamline workflows to optimize your print environment, improve productivity and lower costs. With an MPS solution, you’ll spend less time worrying about print issues.

Security Issues

Today, security is a concern for every business. MPS offers enhanced security for devices and documents. Solutions like user authentication, encryption, and digitizing documents will help close gaps in your security, making your business safer and more secure.

An MPS provider can help you do more than just reduce costs. With an MPS solution, you’ll improve efficiencies, enhance security and increase sustainability while reducing waste, increasing productivity and lowering your costs up to 30%!

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