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Did you know that it’s been estimated that close to 90% of businesses don’t know what they spend on printing?  When it comes to cost cutting, the office print environment is often overlooked. Everything from the number of laser cartridges you have in your inventory to the default settings on your printers can impact costs. For many businesses, significant annual savings could be uncovered if you take the time to look.

Here are six ways your print environment may be costing you more then it has to:

  1.  Hardware – When purchasing a printer do you opt for a lower purchase price or a lower operating cost? Many go to the office supply store and select a copier off the shelf without regard to per page costs. A good rule of thumb; the lower the cost of the hardware, the greater the operating and supply costs.
  2.  Lost Productivity – When printers are not placed strategically or managed properly, productivity suffers.
  3.  Unnecessary Use – Most printer default setting are set to single-sided copies. Setting defaults to double-sided, black and white prints can cut your paper costs in half!
  4.  Support and Repairs – When a printer breaks down, the first line of defence is usually a call to the IT department. Often times they don’t have the time or knowledge to fix the problem, so an outside repair person must be called. The end result is you’ve used up IT time, and still need to face a repair cost.
  5.  Energy Use – Older, less efficient technology consumes more energy. Consider newer efficient Energy-Star rated devices.
  6.  Supplies – While not technically a hidden cost, supplies mismanagement can have a significant impact on spending. Over-purchased supplies that my not be needed right away may be forgotten in the storage closet or rendered unusable if your technology needs change. Storing supplies in an unsecured location can leave them open to theft.

While managing your print environment can be complex, the savings are more than worth the effort! Consider engaging a Managed Print Services provider to help you maximize your print environment and reduce your costs!

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