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Your printers and multifunction printers are as vulnerable as any device on your network. Left unsecured they can be an open door for hackers and pose a tremendous risk. A recent Quocirca report discussed the many vulnerabilities surrounding print.  They found that 61% of large enterprises suffered at least one data breach through unsecured printing.

Today, it’s important to take a proactive, multi-pronged approach to security. Here are some measures to implement into your print security plan to help protect your print environment.

  • Include Print Devices in Your Overall Security Strategy – Today MFPs have built-in hard drives and internet connectivity putting them at increased risk for breach just like any computer on your network. Make sure to include every printer in your fleet in your security plan regardless off age, model or brand.
  • Secure Access to the Network – Like any other network device, MFPs require controls to manage network protocols, limit access, and protect against malware and viruses.
  • Secure the Device – Encryption adds an additional layer of security, Avoid the risk of data being recovered when your MFP is moved or disposed of by erasing all all hard drive data.
  • User Authentication – By using an authentication system like “print at device” controls, PINs or other identifiers, you can reduce risk of unauthorized printing. Pull printing ensures that output is only released to authorized users, and authentication allows for monitoring and tracking of device usage.

Today, print security requires a comprehensive approach that includes education, policy and technology. A single data breach can cost your company thousands of dollars, and the loss of credibility with your customers. A Managed Print Services provider can help you to create a comprehensive approach to data security ensuring your company’s business data is kept safe and secure. It’s your most valuable business asset! Contact us today to learn more.

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