Office Printers and Managed Print Solutions

Your print fleet represents a considerable commitment, not just in money but also in time and resources associated with document creation and storage.

Your company has its core competencies, and it’s likely the selection and maintenance of print devices isn’t among them. For that reason and many others, businesses like yours are increasingly realizing the advantages of a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution from UBS.

We represent the top brands in the industry, and are ready to leverage our purchasing power into the best options for your specific print needs and budget.

Knowing your needs

Our services begin with a complimentary print assessment of your workplace that includes:

  • Analyzing usage to determine overall operating costs
  • Identifying redundant or outdated technologies
  • Determining the security of your data
  • Finding where the waste happens

We then design a comprehensive plan customized to your organization. You may find that “less is more” in terms of streamlining your print fleet!

Once you have your multifunction printers, copiers, scanners or other hardware installed, ongoing service begins. UBS’s MPS program is designed to keep your workplace at peak productivity – with a careful eye toward your operating budget:

  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Employee training and support
  • Disaster recovery plans and procedures
  • Print “best practices” that save toner and paper
  • Comprehensive tech support that includes monitoring your printers to catch potential issues earlier
  • Recommendations for updates as necessary
  • Recycling and other green initiatives

At UBS, we’re committed to the success of SMBs. Let us show you how you can start saving money and resources.

Free Assessment

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