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Print is a major expense for businesses, but many aren’t sure how much they’re truly spending. In an unmanaged print environment often times purchases are reactive in nature.

When supplies run out, someone orders more. If there’s printer trouble, they call the IT team. When it’s time to replace a printer, it gets purchased without planning where it fits into the print environment as a whole. Does this sound familiar? If so, print may be cutting into your bottom line more than you think.

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Supply Replacement

Businesses spend a lot of their print budget on print consumables like paper and toner. However, many companies don’t have a supply ordering protocol. If you don’t have a designated person in charge of supplies, you can easily end up with a surplus of supplies that can go to waste, as well as take up valuable storage space. On the other hand, you could completely run out, and business grinds to a halt while you wait for a delivery. Either way, you’re wasting valuable time and money on dealing with print supply replacement.

Employee Time

How much time do your employees, including your IT team, spend on print? Chances are, they’re spending more time than you realize dealing with paper jams, supply replacement, and other troubleshooting issues. Employee salaries are the top expense for most businesses, and every minute they spend dealing with a print problem is less time spent on their critical and revenue-generating projects.

Managed Print Services

What if there was a way to take all the print problems out of the hands of your employees, saving both time and money? Managed Print Services offer just that. An MPS provider can evaluate your print environment, automatically refill supplies, handle troubleshooting calls, and provide maintenance and emergency servicing for your equipment. An MPS provider can also help guide your print choices, so you can invest in printers that will provide the best value for your company, while staying within your budget. An MPS provider can make printing both cost- and time-efficient, and help you understand exactly where your print dollars are going.

If you rely on print, like most businesses do, it’s likely costing more than you think. With Managed Print Services you can uncover what your actual print costs are and save your employees’ valuable time to boost your bottom line. Contact one of our team members and ask about our free, no-obligation, print environment assessment service.

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