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Does your business have a print policy? When was the last time you looked at it? If you’re like many small businesses, it’s probably a low priority on your to do list!

A print policy is a basic set of guidelines that defines rules, expectations and behaviors for your print environment. Not having a print policy in place can create unproductive attitudes about printing which will inevitably drive up your costs.

Introducing some parameters is an easy and a quick way to cut print costs immediately. To help you develop your own print policy, ask yourself these six simple questions:

  1.  How many prints does each department need to make? Some departments produce more output than others. For example, finance may need hard copy invoices and contracts; while operations may have less need, especially if processes are software based.
  1.  Who has access to color print? Color print is expensive, so it makes sense to put restrictions in place. Your marketing department may require color print for brochures or collateral materials, while HR can usually rely on black and white.
  1.  What are your printer default settings? As a general rule, default office printers to black and white, double-sided printing. This single step cuts paper use by up to 50%!
  1.  How do you buy printers? A purchase or procurement policy for devices and consumables can help reduce random purchases that may not align with your long-term IT needs.
  1.  How do you service printers? Having a clear plan in place for troubleshooting can help reduce service calls. It also reduces downtime and keeps your business running!
  1.  How do you communicate printing expectations to staff? As a part of your policy, envision how you will communicate with staff. Along with other important policies, don’t just place it on the server for no-one to see. Weekly emails with usage and security tips can be a great way to engage staff!

To help you get started, download our complimentary Office Print Policy Guide full of best practices you can use to take control of your office printing activities to save money and the environment!

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