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Do you have a clear picture of how much your organization is spending on printing, copying and faxing on a daily basis? Considering that print-related costs are typically the third largest operating expense that a company has (behind payroll and rent), having a good grasp of this figure is crucial for being able to maximize your bottom line.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider is the best way to gain accurate insight into your actual printing costs and provide the information necessary to develop a strategy to reduce this expense. Here are several ways that a Managed Print program can help save your organization money:

  1. Conduct a Print Assessment – When was the last time that you evaluated your print environment? A Managed Print Services partner will begin the relationship by conducting an assessment of your print environment to make you aware of what you’re actually spending in print-related costs. A print assessment will also highlight opportunities for cost savings. Addressing these inefficiencies in your print environment could help you to trim printing costs by as much as 30 percent.
  1. Design the Optimal Printer Layout – A print assessment will provide you with valuable insight in regards to printing volumes and how your employees are using the devices. With this information in hand, you can design the optimal printer layout that will lead to a more productive work environment.
  1. Benefit from the Latest Technology – If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your printers, you’ve likely encountered printer downtime on occasion. Not only is a broken printer a drain on productivity, but it’s also expensive to repair. It could be more advantageous to upgrade to the latest technology to ensure reliability and eliminate the need for costly repairs. Plus, the newest model printers come equipped with the latest security features to help prevent your organization from experiencing a disastrous and costly data breach.
  1. Save Space by Consolidating Equipment – Eliminate the need for a separate printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine by utilizing a single multifunction device that offers all of these functions.
  1. Centrally Manage the Procurement of Printing Supplies – With a Managed Print program, the procurement of print supplies is managed from one central location, which helps to minimize waste and take back control of these expenses.

Please contact us to learn more about how your organization can save on printing costs by partnering with a Managed Print Services provider.

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