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With operating budgets stretched tighter than ever before, it can be a challenge to find new and innovative ways to save money and reduce spending. One of the most often overlooked ways to increase your bottom line is to reduce the amount of money you spend on printing.

Here are some tips to make the most of your print environment, and manage your documents more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Upgrade your printers. Begin your journey by taking an inventory of the number, type, and age of all the printers in your office, including shared and personal print devices. Consider replacing outdated, and inefficient equipment with new, energy efficient machines. Even though upgrading may seem like a significant investment, you’ll realize increased productivity and efficiency, a reduced need for maintenance and lower energy costs.
  2. Reduce waste. Implement print rules to reduce the amount and type of documents which are being printed. Designations can be made by individual user or department, and rules can include double sided or black and white only printing, or require user authentication at the printer before documents will be released, to eliminate abandoned or forgotten copies.
  3. Streamline your purchases. Without regulations in place for the purchasing of printers or consumables it’s easy for waste to occur by carrying an excess of inventory or through unnecessary spending. Appoint one person to be in charge of ordering and control of supplies to eliminate waste and theft, and take advantage of lower prices on bulk purchases.
  4. Automate document workflows. Many document driven processes such as invoicing can be automated. In addition to the reduction in printing, automation can help to enhance security and productivity as your data is encrypted and stored in a secure location in the cloud.
  5. Free up valuable resources. In today’s technology heavy work environment, IT personnel are busier than ever, and each minute they spend troubleshooting print issues or repairing paper jams is time wasted. A Managed Print Services provider can help to identify the key issues with your print infrastructure, and develop time saving solutions to decrease downtime and enhance productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of professional document and print management for your organization. In addition to the time and money you can save, you’ll have the freedom to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Print Savings Estimator, Office Solutions, New Jersey

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