Cloud Services

Businesses of all descriptions have gone to the cloud to stay productive and competitive – and even the smallest SMB can benefit from the cloud’s ability to transmit and store data instantly and securely.

Using UBS for your cloud service provider gives you access to an agnostic platform that accommodates any computer or device. Built-in disaster recovery and customized security policies are part of the cloud system.

Everyday advantages

UBS cloud solutions deliver a host of benefits:

  • Minimize IT expenditures
  • Realize consistent IT service
  • Retire outdated legacy systems
  • Speed data transmission
  • Save internal bandwidth
  • Focus on core business
  • Work and communicate from any remote location
  • Utilize mobile devices
  • Stay compliant with SSAE 16 process controls and infrastructure

And you can afford it

With UBS as your cloud providers, you benefit from a billing structure that ensures you pay only for what you use via a consistent monthly invoice.

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