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For most businesses still using paper processes, using the office copier is something done daily. When it’s working, you most likely don’t even notice that it’s there. However, older legacy technology can impact your business by slowing workflows and leaving you open to security risks. The newest technology includes a host of features that can help protect your business and help it grow.

5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Copier

Here are five good reasons to upgrade your office technology:

  1. Professional woman holding up five fingers. Five reasons concept.Better Protection – Older networked systems, while still working well, can leave your network vulnerable. Older and legacy technology doesn’t have the multiple layers of protection that newer technology offers. Your network is even more vulnerable if you haven’t kept up with upgrades and patches.
  2. Excellent Trade-in Value – With chip shortages and supply chain issues, your old machine is more valuable today than ever before! If you are thinking of upgrading, this increased value can save you significantly on new technology.
  3. Cloud Ready – Today, many businesses are moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Your older technology may not be cloud compatible. The newest copier technology comes ready to integrate into most common cloud environments. This allows you to leverage your IT capital elsewhere.
  4. Low-Interest Rate Financing Available – Interest rates are rising and will probably continue into the future. However, right now is a good time to invest in an upgrade, while rates are still reasonable. Right now, the operating cost of a newer device can be less expensive than your old technology when cost and rates were higher.
  5. Less Downtime – Nothing is worse than downtime when you’re on a deadline. When you want to print you NEED to print. New technology has the newest tools and features, has self-fixing capabilities, requires less maintenance, and comes with remote tech support that your older systems don’t offer.

If your old technology isn’t doing the job, why not consider an upgrade? Not only will a new copier boost your business’ productivity, it will increase your security too.

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United Business Systems specializes in simplifying the complexity and management of office technology solutions for over 7,800 organizations nationwide. Services include Managed Print, Document Management and IT Services. Products include MFPs, Copiers, Printers and Wide Format Printers. UBS’s headquarters is in Fairfield, NJ with branch offices in Moorestown, NJ, Manasquan, NJ and New York.

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