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As technology evolves and gets more complex, outsourcing your print environment to a Managed Print Services provider can be a good solution. If you’re not sure whether outsourcing is right for your company, these five warning signs are a good indicator that it’s time to consider an MPS strategy.

  1.  You Haven’t Implemented User Restrictions – Are your employees printing unnecessary documents, or using color print when black and white will do? Setting up permissions and employing secure printing can help you monitor your print environment. Allowing only certain users or departments, for example, your marketing team, access to color printing or large format machines can help you keep costs in check.
  2. 5 red flagsYour IT Team is Fixing Printers – Is your IT team spending time on print issues instead of focusing on big picture tasks? If your team is spending their time answering print questions or fixing machines, it’s time to consider MPS. A Managed Print Services provider will take over the burden of printer-related maintenance and repairs freeing your IT team’s time to grow your business.
  3.  You Order Consumables on a Reactionary Basis – Toner and ink are expensive. Forgotten inventory can result in reactionary ordering that is unnecessary, and expensive. Taking a proactive approach to ordering can reduce downtime and keep your team working.
  4.  You Can’t Measure Your Monthly Print Spend – Many companies have no idea what they are spending on print and no way of measuring their costs. If you don’t know your per-page, maintenance, and consumables costs, you could be losing thousands of dollars every year. One of the first tasks your MPS provider will undertake is assessing your current print environment and actual print costs.
  5.  Your Supply Cabinet is Overstocked with Outdated Toner Cartridges – Are you holding toner inventory for printers that you no longer have, are outdated, or obsolete? This is related to reactionary ordering. If you are holding on to outdated toner cartridges, it’s costing you big time. An MPS solution will institute just-in-time ordering so you’ll never have money tied up in excess inventory.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, an MPS solution is a great choice. Implementing an MPS strategy can help you get your print environment under control, improve your productivity, streamline ordering, and offer a proactive approach to maintenance.

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