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As organizations continue to store customer data and conduct business online, opportunities arise for thieves to access information such as social security numbers, credit card information, and more. When you consider that over half of the small to medium-sized businesses in the United States were the victims of cybercrime in 2018 it explains the need for Congress to have enacted legislation to provide small businesses with the tools they need to fight the cyberwar.

You can do your part by knowing these six signs that your business is at risk of a data breach, and taking steps to prevent it from happening.

Unencrypted Data

Data encryption technology uses proprietary algorithms to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information by scrambling text and rendering it unreadable. If your SMB is still storing customer data on company servers or lacks the protection of a firewall you may be at risk.

Third-party Services

Regardless of the safeguards put in place by your organization, third-party vendors or software can open the door to a data breach without the proper precautions in place. Determine what types of measures are being used and choose your partnerships based on those who share your enthusiasm for cybersecurity.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

A wireless network may be more convenient but it is easier to breach than one that is wired. Upgrade your router to utilize the latest technology and security features, change the default network name, and password-protect your network to prevent unauthorized access by hackers or cyberthieves.

Lack of Training 

Human error is responsible for the majority of cyberattacks as users visit unsecured websites, open email attachments, or click on dangerous links. Routine education and training can help to make employees aware of the dangers and provide them with the tools to help keep your data safe.

Software Updates

Outdated systems are vulnerable to attack, highlighting the need for regular software updates and patches. Managed IT services can help, with automatic updates and installations to take the guesswork out of cybersecurity.

Inadequate Cloud Storage

Invest in a reputable cloud storage company that can handle the volume of information you need, with the security features you desire. With over 60 percent of small businesses closing within six months of a cyberattack, it’s an investment that will quickly pay for itself.

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