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Do you know how much your print environment is costing you? If you’re like 90% of companies, the answer is no. Print is a major expense, but often poorly understood. Consider these statistics:

  • Print consumes between 5% and 15% of your annual income.
  • 90% of companies don’t know how many printers they own.
  • 40% of print-related expenses don’t need formal approval.
  • The average worker prints over 10,000 pages per year – costing over $750 per employee.
  • 50% of help desk calls are print related.

What Print Costs

The costs of print are multi-faceted. There is the price of the device itself, and the cost of its maintenance. You also need to account for usage expenses including supplies, electricity and efficiency. Finally you need to determine how the printer affects your company’s productivity. A failure to manage your printers can lead to excessive amounts of waste and high print spending.

If you don’t know how many printers you have and how they are used, it’s impossible to understand what print is actually costing you. A Managed Print Services provider can perform a print assessment to get this data. Once you know what print is costing you, you can begin to develop print strategies that can help reduce your costs.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Working with a Managed Print Services provider can help you save as much as 30% on your print-related expenses. Cost reduction strategies can include consolidating printers, upgrading to more efficient printers, and reducing your overall print volume.

Using your internal IT team for print troubleshooting can also waste their time – and your money. IT specialists are not print specialists, but with half of all help desk calls being print related, they are frequently called on to deal with print issues. An experienced Managed Print Services provider can take over that role, leaving your IT professionals to do what they do best.

Print is the third largest expense for most companies, but often poorly understood. Talk to us about a no-obligation print assessment to help you find where you may be wasting money so you can reduce the expense of your print environment.

Print Savings Estimator, Office Solutions, New Jersey

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