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One of the biggest challenges that non-profit organizations are faced with is operating within budget. While it may come as a surprise to some, printing costs are often an expense that non-profit organizations have little control over, therefore creating unpredictability in the budget. Also, it’s not uncommon for a non-profit organization to have many printing devices (often older technology) spread across departments, contributing to inefficiency and high maintenance costs.

Managed Print Services, however, offers a solution to many of the budgeting and inefficiency challenges that non-profits are faced with. Here are several ways that your non-profit organization can benefit by partnering with a Managed Print Services provider:

  1. Reduce printing costs. Generally, a print assessment is the first step in a partnership with a Managed Print Services provider. They will inventory your print devices and provide you with fact-based data on your actual printing costs, printing volume and user behavior. This report will highlight opportunities for immediate cost savings and can help your non-profit organization to reduce printing costs by as much as 30 percent.
  1. Create a predictable budget. If you’re not currently taking advantage of Managed Print Services, you likely have limited control over your printing costs. The wide range in printing costs from year to year makes it very challenging to build a predictable budget. With one monthly invoice from one source, your non-profit organization can predictably budget for printing expenses.
  1. Digitize documents to achieve more efficient workflows and increase data security. Many non-profit organizations still rely heavily on paper-based processes. However, paper processes are often inefficient and create the risk of data loss. A Managed Print Services provider can implement a solution to digitize documents to optimize workflows and increase data security.
  1. Provide proactive maintenance to print fleet to minimize downtime. If you’re not regularly maintaining your fleet of printers, you’ve likely experienced printer downtime that cuts into productivity and leads to expensive service calls. Instead of wasting your organization’s hard fought after budget on pricey repairs, let a Managed Print Services provider proactively maintain your equipment to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Contact us to learn if your organization qualifies for one of our Managed Print programs for non-profit organizations.

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