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Printing is a central function for every school. As the technology improves and evolves, educational institutions are facing increasingly complex challenges trying to keep up. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help schools and entire districts keep up with current print technology while keeping to a set budget.

A Managed Print Services provider will integrate the management, purchase of supplies, maintenance and service of a school’s print environment into a single vendor. In an educational environment, MPS delivers improved efficiencies and significant cost savings. An MPS provider can uncover inefficiencies in your current print environment and offer solutions by evaluating current needs and costs and the implementing changes.

Managing Today’s Challenges

Managed Print Services addresses the common challenges faced by most educational institutions today including:

  • Fluctuating enrollment
  • Reduced funding
  • Security of confidential student data
  • Managing both hardcopy and digital documents
  • Workflow bottlenecks
  • Waste reduction and recycling programs

By implementing document management solutions to manage student information, and improving workflows while reducing unnecessary output, MPS can provide school districts with significant cost savings and improved productivity.

MPS offers Solutions

Implementing a Managed Print strategy can centralize your purchasing efforts, upgrade existing technology to more energy efficient devices and product results like:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Budget control and better predictability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved educator and administrator productivity
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing and copying
  • Implement a green print strategy

Managed Print offers both short and long-term benefits that can provide significant cost savings. By upgrading technology, managing output, centralizing ordering of supplies, and performing pro-active maintenance your school can experience less downtime, reduced consumables use, lower costs and more predictability.

Get Started Today

An MPS relationship begins with an assessment of your current print environment including monitoring output, creating an inventory of current devices, and an examination of workflows. Once we understand where you are currently, we provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings include solutions you can implement to immediately start lowering costs.

Let us show you how Managed Print Services can improve workflows, increase productivity, make your print environment more sustainable and reduce your school’s print related expenses.  Contact us for a free assessment and let’s start the conversation!



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