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Along with the peace and joy that the holiday season brings, comes another, less desirable feeling: stress. Additional demands on time and finances can stretch people to their limits, and for business owners and managers, this can lead to a loss of productivity in the workplace.

Fortunately, there are some simple changes you can make to help your employees navigate through this busy season while keeping your profits in check; here’s how.

Create Awareness

Every member of your team should feel represented during the holiday season, and you can ensure the comfort and security of all your employees by creating a safe environment that encompasses all types of holiday celebrations.

Ask the Important Questions

Well-meaning managers may plan an over the top holiday party in an effort to show appreciation and goodwill, but while their intentions may be good, plans can backfire and lead to an increase in stress and a loss of productivity. Rather than placing another demand on your employee’s time and budget, consider asking them how they would like to celebrate; their answers may surprise you.

Get Personal

Recognize that your staff may be anxious about meeting the expectations of the season, and consider allotting them some personal time to complete the necessary tasks in preparation for the holidays, or just to de-stress. Your employees will be grateful for your consideration and are more likely to be engaged and content in the workplace.

Shift the Focus

Encourage employees to give their time in lieu of gifts by volunteering within the community. In addition to nurturing the natural instinct to give, it can be a great bonding experience for your team members and help them to form more meaningful relationships. Focusing on the needs of those less fortunate can help to reduce stress levels and create a sense of gratitude and wellbeing while making a real difference to those in need.

Restructure Deadlines 

Review the workload in your office to determine if there are any outstanding tasks or projects that may be put off until the new year, when employee focus is higher and demands on personal and professional time have lessened.

Reach out to your employees at this time of year to see how they are coping with the added stresses placed upon them during the holidays. Offer support where you can and use these strategies to help raise spirits and productivity.



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