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For every piece of paper that comes out of your workplace printer there are costs involved, and those costs can quickly add up.

Here are five money saving areas to consider:

  1. Paper Costs: are you printing more than you need to?
  2. Toner Costs: do you have an efficient ordering process?
  3. Energy Costs: is there overspending because you have too many printers, copiers and scanners drawing power?
  4. Labor Costs: are your employees having to print, collate, staple, file and retrieve hard copies?
  5. Environmental Costs: how much material waste and landfill is associated with abandoned hardcopies and used toner cartridges?

Printing, in fact, can account for up to 15 percent of a company’s annual operational expenses. If you’re paying for a lot and getting relatively little, it may be time to consider outsourcing your print fleet to a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider.

“Less than 10% of companies have a formal print policy to curb print-related expenses.”

Discover the Advantages

With an MPS (Managed Print Services) program in place, you can realize cost savings and enhanced productivity with the right mix of hardware, software and support to keep your high value workers on higher value tasks.

It all starts with a print assessment of your workplace. A trained MPS representative will show you where redundancy, obsolescence and overuse occurs – then provide a roadmap toward a better documentation set-up enterprise-wide.

Managed Print Services has become very popular because it’s a complete, ongoing and proactive way to remove the burden of print for organizations of all sizes. Here’s the roadmap for most MPS engagements:

  • Identifying and implementing the best combination of devices and software to accommodate your needs and your budget.
  • Training users on print best-practices to save time and resources.
  •  Monitoring supplies like toner, to provide just-in-time replacements without over-purchasing.
  • Facilitating a security policy that lets remote users access documents easily, but shields your confidential material from others.
  • Enhancing your sustainability mission with recycling and energy-saving practices.
  • Providing regular usage reports that can help reduce spending even further.

An Easy Transition

Countless small and medium-sized businesses have implemented a Managed Print Services program to handle the management of their print environment so they can better concentrate on their own core competencies.

Talk to a UBS representative today about initiating the first step: a FREE print assessment to see if there’s a better way for your organization to print!

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