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Between smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, it’s easier to stay connected than ever before. It’s because of this enhanced connectivity that more and more workers are opting to conduct business from remote locations, either on the road, or from home, while maintaining communications with clients and colleagues. Mobile technology has contributed to this trend, with services and solutions designed to help mobile workers complete everyday tasks such as printing, from anywhere they have Internet and network capabilities.

Consider these facts: 92 percent of workers want the option to print from their mobile devices, yet only 15 percent of SMBs have implemented a mobile print strategy. However, it’s not just a matter of want, but need—in the absence of an effective strategy, your business can be vulnerable to security or network breaches, issues with regulatory compliance, or suffer from unnecessarily high print and IT support costs. Still not convinced?

Here are even more great reasons to introduce mobile printing into your organization and why it’s important to have a mobile print strategy:


There are a number of challenges to working outside the office, but printing doesn’t need to be one of them. With an effective mobile print strategy, off site and in-house workers can all utilize the same platform for continuity and convenience.

Increased Productivity

With fast access to local printers, and relief from the need for IT intervention, workers, visitors, and IT personnel alike can realize increased productivity, freeing up time to work on growing your business.

Heightened Security

Including security as part of your mobile strategy will give your business full control over what documents can be shared and printed across your network, reducing the risk of of documents falling in to the wrong hands. Standards for data encryption and user authentication capabilities should be clearly outlined.

Improved Bottom Line

Through enhanced productivity, improved network security, and reduction of the burden on IT personnel, any organization with employees that routinely work outside of the office can realize true savings of both time and money with the right mobile print strategy in place.

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