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With employees commonly working between the home and office, it’s critical to have an efficient printing and scanning solution that allows for seamless workflow across different locations. This is where uniFLOW Online becomes an essential tool.

Here are our top five reasons why uniFLOW Online offers significant advantages for businesses operating in a hybrid work environment:

1. Submit Print Jobs from Anywhere: With uniFLOW Online, users can print from anywhere, whether it’s on large multifunction devices at the office or smaller printers at home. The Print via Cloud feature allows for easy and quick printing, regardless of the network connection.

2. Consolidated Reporting: UniFLOW Online provides employees with seamless printing and scanning capabilities, no matter where they’re working from. The dashboard offers comprehensive tracking and reporting of printing, scanning, and copying across all locations.

3. New Features Without Additional Installations: Employees only need an internet connection to link their supported device to uniFLOW Online. With regular updates and new features, users always stay up to date with the latest cloud service, regardless of location.

4. Scan Workflows Follow Users: Scan workflows are easily accessible and follow employees from device to device, whether they’re at home or in the office. UniFLOW Online also offers file compression and conversion to searchable PDF or Word before sending to email or cloud storage.

5. Flexibility for Evolving Workplaces: As organizations adapt to hybrid work environments, uniFLOW Online provides cost advantages and flexibility. Its hybrid mode allows for central management of both server and cloud locations, providing the ability to take advantage of on-demand resources while satisfying security requirements and business process workflows.

With the ability to submit print jobs from anywhere, consolidated reporting, new features without additional installations, scan workflows that follow users, and flexibility for evolving workplaces, uniFLOW Online ensures that employees have access to a seamless printing and scanning solution regardless of location. By embracing uniFLOW Online, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity in a rapidly changing work environment.

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