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Cloud computing has opened up many options for businesses, but it comes with its own unique set of concerns. How do you know your data is safe but will be available when you need it? These questions will help you ensure that your cloud provider is the right one for your business.

  1. Where are the servers located? Often cloud servers are located across multiple geographic locations. However, local laws may create privacy or other concerns. You should know where your cloud servers are located so you can make an informed choice about your provider.
  2. How is the data monitored? Security needs to be a top concern when you’re entrusting your data to an outside party. You want to be sure your provider is regularly updating anti-virus and security patches. Additionally, a monitoring system that tracks who is accessing your data can help alert you to any problems if they occur.
  3. How is data accessed? You want your cloud data and applications to be readily accessible online at all times, while requiring users to be authenticated. Be sure that the policies of your cloud provider align with your goals in cloud computing. When it comes to authentication, you want to know both how it occurs and how it is managed. You want to be able to add – and subtract – authorized users easily. Many businesses prefer a cloud provider that offers two-factor authentication, making users enter two separate codes to access the data. This helps ensure security.
  4. How do backups occur? Hardware and software failures can occur, and you don’t want to lose your data if they do. Your cloud provider should do regular backups to ensure that your data is always safe. You also want to know how far back you can go to restore your data. Backups are part of a robust disaster recovery plan.
  5. What happens when the contract expires? When you entrust your data to a third party, you need to know how you will get it back when you are no longer using the provider. Be sure you understand cancellation or termination policies so you don’t have a surprise down the road.

Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits to businesses, but it’s important to find the right provider for your company. By asking these questions, you can get a good idea of how a provider will work for you.

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