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When it comes to designing a more efficient workplace, many businesses look for opportunities to cut costs. However, finding ways to streamline workflows will help to save your organization money and boost employee productivity.

Here are some proven tips to help you create a more cost-efficient and productive work environment:

1. Assess your workspace. 

When was the last time that you took an inventory of the print equipment in your workplace and employee printing volumes and usage? A Managed Print Services provider can complete a print assessment to make you aware of opportunities for improvement and help you to design the optimal print environment to drive productivity.

2. Get a handle on noise control.

Distracting noises can take a toll on productivity. If there is a conference room in your workplace that tends to generate a lot of noise, consider installing noise absorbing panels to keep these distractions at bay. Depending on the nature of work that your business conducts, another idea is to give employees quality noise-cancelling headphones so they can maintain their stream of focus.

3. Go digital.

Transitioning to a paperless workplace can go smoothly with the right Managed Print Services partner. By digitalizing files, your employees can quickly access the information they want, when they need it. Digitalizing workflows will help to eliminate redundant steps and allow employees to complete processes faster and more accurately, leading to greater productivity.

4. Establish task-specific workstations. 

An innovative way to design a workspace is to create task-specific workstations where employees can congregate to complete similar tasks. This type of setup encourages productivity and allows your business to consolidate hardware and office supplies, helping to save you money and minimize waste.

5. Illuminate your office environment.

Lighting plays a critical role in helping you to establish a workplace atmosphere that inspires productivity. As a rule of thumb, the more natural light that flows through your office, the better. A solution is to use color-balanced high-powered CFL bulbs that mimic the look of natural daylight.

We want to help you identify opportunities to increase productivity in the workplace. By conducting an assessment of your print environment, we can recommend solutions to help you design a workplace with productivity and efficiency in mind. Contact us to learn more!

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