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Is your organization prepared to defend itself against a cybersecurity breach? While criminals have become more sophisticated, they also continue to leverage the “old school” weaknesses in system vulnerabilities and human nature. In fact, most successful breaches are easy to carry out due to a business’ failure to prepare.

It’s never too late to improve your cyber security! Here are some common threats and tips to help minimize your risk.

  • Untrained Staff – It happens all the time — unsuspecting employees open emails from unknown senders or click on mysterious links out of curiosity. Make sure your employees have the tools and the knowledge to identify potential threats.
  • The Email Problem – Email is the most common method hackers use to gain access. They use email as a vehicle for delivering malware and ransomware, stealing information, redirecting users to malicious websites, and tricking recipients to perform fraudulent activities. To mitigate risk, configure your email server and install email filtering software at the enterprise level. It’s transparent to users, affordable, and effective.
  • Protecting Credentials, Identity, and User Privileges – Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for every application, especially email and remote access. MFA and good password practices can prevent up to 99% of all account compromises.
  • Filter Internet Access – Clicking on a malicious link in an email can direct your employee to a dangerous site without them even knowing. Use web/DNS filtering to prevent users from accessing known dangerous websites. It’s transparent, easy to do, and affordable.
  • Update Old Systems and Software – Keeping software current and installing security patches as soon as they’re released can help. Replacing older legacy systems can also significantly lower your risks. Criminals will always seek vulnerabilities in older technology!

Be Prepared

It’s impossible to be 100% secure. Statistically, most companies will be affected by cybercrime at some point in time. Having a plan and keeping your team educated on how to respond and up to date on the latest threats can help minimize the operational, financial, and legal impact of a breach.

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