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With digital workplaces and remote work on the rise, file sharing is more critical than ever before. However, unauthorized file sharing and the use of unsecured methods can put your data at risk. Here are some risks to be aware of, and how to avoid them.


Email is perhaps the easiest method for file sharing, however, it is one most popular targets for cyber attacks. Beyond the risks of sending the email to the wrong person or the email ending up in a spam folder, email is unprotected and can be easily intercepted, opening up your employees to being the target of a phishing attack.

Discourage your employees from sharing confidential or sensitive information via email, and educate them on how to spot phishing attacks.

Social Media

Social media is another convenient way to share information. While it can be useful for networking, employees should not be transferring data via social media or messaging apps. These are vulnerable and prone to hacking. Establish a social media policy and educate your employees about the risks.

External Devices

Storing files on an external flash drive or using a personal phone to conduct business can jeopardize your data. Once an employee has your company data in their possession, you can no longer control it or how they use it – even after they’ve left your company.

Limit the use of personal devices within your organization, so only those who absolutely need them can use them. Keep detailed records and set strict protocols for use to help mitigate the risks.

File Sharing Software

File sharing platforms are easy to use and offer more security than other methods. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other platforms are designed with business use in mind.

While they are easy to use, file sharing platforms do take some education to be used properly. Be sure to provide your employees with this training to help avoid any accidental data breaches. Password protection and encryption are important steps that can further help protect your data.

File sharing is a critical part of doing business today, but it has to be done carefully. Unauthorized file sharing can expose your sensitive data to hackers and put your company at risk. By using secure file sharing platforms, you can easily share data and keep it safe.

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