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The hybrid work model is becoming more common, and many workers are splitting time between the office and working from home. However, the shift to hybrid working has opened more avenues of security risk. Protecting your workforce, network, and infrastructure is more important than ever. One way to lower your risks is to implement IT best practices.

Here are five best practices you can use to lower your risks.

1. Strong Passwords – Don’t share passwords or write them down. Don’t store passwords, credit card numbers, or personal information in your browser as most are not very secure. There are many apps that can strip passwords from your browser. Use a password manager like LastPass to lower your exposure.

2. Keep Personal and Sensitive Data to a Minimum – Delete personal information whenever possible. Keep personal info off laptops, company computers, and portable devices. Do not keep critical projects, files, or data on your devices unless they are protected.

3. Be Aware of Scams – Educate your employees so they can identify potential scams. Never reveal passwords, click on unknown links, or open questionable attachments. Don’t ever respond to emails, IMs, phone calls, or texts that ask for your password. If you can’t verify it, delete it!

Prevent hacker attacks on your network and keep important data safe.

4. Protect Information Online and in Email – Use only secure, trusted web pages when entering personal information online. Don’t log in to websites or applications unless they have a secure login. Look for URLs that start with HTTPS. Keep devices secure when using wireless. Make sure your devices are not set to auto-connect to open networks.

5. Keep Antivirus and Patches Up to Date – Keep systems protected with anti-virus software and keep security patches up to date. Shut down and restart your system at least weekly, and when prompted install updates. Shutting down and restarting your system can ensure updates are properly installed and systems are protected.

Cyber threats are growing, and businesses of every size are at risk. Using best practices can significantly lower your chances of getting hacked and can help to keep your devices and office network safe. Keeping your company’s systems and networks safe and secure is everyone’s job. Train your team to understand the risks and encourage them to always use best practices.

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