Sometimes it’s nice to hear from another customer.

Winebow Inc.

Winebow Inc. has been working with United Business Systems (UBS) since 2008.
“I feel what sets UBS apart from the competition is the fact that they are large enough to handle our needs nationally while still maintaining an exceptional service record and attention to detail. We have been able to rely on UBS to satisfy some of our most critical workflows and know we can count on UBS in areas where other providers have failed.

I will continue to recommend UBS to anyone looking for office automation software and hardware solutions.”


Michael G. Levine


Paper Strategies Inc.

Paper Strategies Inc. began a relationship with UBS in December of 2014.

“At that time, we were serviced by a competitor which just wasn’t able to keep our print engines productive. I was referred to UBS through a friend and I am very happy I was.

Our customer’s workload can be very demanding and UBS has continually risen to the occasion. The world of production print has grown increasingly demanding with respect to color accuracy requirements and shorter turnaround times.

UBS has proven to exceed our expectations and has shown to be a true partner to PSI as they take our needs very seriously and strive to address issues immediately. Reality is that all devices will eventually go down and require maintenance, however we always feel confident that UBS will respond quickly and keep our business productive which enables PSI to keep our promises to our customers.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with UBS.”

David Leary

Rose Brand

“In early 2012, we brought in UBS to help us analyze our fleet of printers which included many different models from several manufacturers. The results we received were not what we had expected. We discovered we had far more printers than we thought and found we were spending more than we expected as well. We discovered end users were purchasing printer supplies outside of our company policy and noticed many toner cartridges sitting on shelves for devices we no longer utilized.

UBS provided our IT department with a software tool to discover and monitor our output devices. UBS placed them onto an electronic floor plan map, provided a green initiative power consumption report and most importantly, helped us to develop an end of life strategy for our most expensive printers. UBS never proposed we had to buy a new fleet of printers or MFPs, they simply took over management of the devices we already owned.

We now have a streamlined, efficient fleet, disposed of units which did not adhere to Energy Star compliance and saved over 20% off our printing budget. Once we were generating true savings, we then worked with UBS to implement a print management software called uniFLOW which has transformed the way we are able to print. uniFLOW allows us to control how much we print, where and when we print and provides a method for mobile and guest printing which has worked flawlessly.

In my opinion no one comes close to UBS in terms of knowledge and performance and I am happy to recommend them.”

Rose-Brand-LogoFrank Cirone
Director of IT


Atalanta Corporation

The Atalanta Corporation has worked with UBS since 2009.

“Today’s businesses are all looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs as well.

When we were tasked with the need to lower our outsourced printing budget, we turned to UBS for a recommendation on how we could increase our creative control by bringing the work back in-house, lower costs, but yet still deliver top quality marketing collateral to our customers.

The UBS team performed a comprehensive needs analysis and delivered a proposal which achieved all of our objectives. UBS is truly a technological leader in today’s office automation and creative color landscape. We are now a couple years past implementation of the UBS recommended workflow and am happy to say that UBS has remained just as responsive to our needs as they were before they made the sale.

I would certainly recommend UBS to anyone searching for a partner who has proven to be far better than the rest.”


 Joe Denicholas
Vice President


Paramus Catholic High School

Paramus Catholic High School started working with United Business Systems in 2012.

“When evaluating potential vendors, we quickly realized that UBS really understood today’s quickly evolving education marketplace.  Many of today’s school districts are rolling out “one-to-one” initiatives, searching for print management solutions which will help to control costs and output as well as striving to increase security.

UBS has proven to be a leading provider and has helped Paramus Catholic to achieve all of our objectives.   The other critical area where UBS truly stands apart from the competition would be from a service perspective.  UBS not only responds and addresses our concerns quickly, but  most importantly does so with consistency.

Paramus Catholic has become familiar with our technicians which is comforting to our staff.  If other schools are looking for a partner who understands the needs of today’s educational institutions, UBS would be the perfect choice.”

Paramus Catholic Highschool

 Declan Lynch
Vice President of Finance