IT Assessment Overview

Is your infrastructure the most functional it can be? Can it stand up to change, or even threats?

Only a comprehensive IT assessment will provide the answers. UBS offers this critical service to give you an accurate, understandable picture of the state of your business from an IT standpoint.

Together, we’ll develop a better tech plan that works within your budget.

Due diligence

A UBS technology assessment gives you the means to put all the pieces of the puzzle together:
  • Keep your data safer with IT assessments tied to disaster recovery, critical backup, compliance, infrastructure issues, change management and security.
  • Identify and address today’s critical IT needs, and look to the future with an IT plan tied to your company’s mission.
  • See an IT inventory that assesses your current technology, and recommends updates, remediation and other measures to improve performance.
  • Offer your staff a skills assessment that helps them, and you, identify and fill skills gaps.
  • Implement scheduled IT maintenance that covers service pack levels, critical equipment updates and data fault-tolerance procedures.
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