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Delivering quality patient care with budget constraints isn’t easy. We can help.

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How We Help Healthcare Organizations

We provide industry experience and technology to reduce costs and improve productivity.

What’s your pain point?

  • Does your workplace stock outdated equipment or software, which can waste money with every page you print?
  • Is your IT staff overburdened with print-related “help desk” issues or shrinking bandwidth?
  • Are users tied to their individual desktop printers or scanners, when a more practical multifunction printer could save resources?
  • Is everyday documentation automatically printed (using up resources) when they may just as easily be scanned and shared online?

How can we help?


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Healthcare Focused Solutions

Healthcare organizations are pulled by the twin pressures of patient care and confidentiality, and the everyday challenges of coordinating staff and support services to deliver the best outcomes.

For your agency to perform at peak productivity, an optimized print fleet isn’t just a wish-list item – it’s a must-have in an environment where budgets can be stretched to their limits.

We’re proud of the business relationships we’ve formed with so many of the healthcare providers in the communities we serve.

We have the cure

  • While ensuring regulatory compliance and overall data security, UBS will assess your current print fleet and give you the blueprint for improved output and cost savings.
  • Count on us for hardware and software solutions, cloud-based solutions, employee training, tech support, green initiatives and so much more.
  • Our customers typically save up to 30 percent on their print costs after adopting a Managed Print Services solution. You could be next!

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It’s easy to do and you’ll receive a detailed fact-based report on your organization’s current print activities and expenses. You’ll immediately be able to identify avoidable waste and cost savings opportunities that could free up budget dollars for more mission critical projects. Your custom report will incorporate a complete inventory of all your print-related equipment, actual usage by device, and true cost of hardcopy output – including those tricky hidden expenses buried in departmental budgets! Your UBS assessment professional will also provide suggestions on identified areas to reduce print, lower expenses, recycle more, and streamline workflow with hardcopy and digital documents to improve efficiency.Get Started