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Providing quality service amidst budget pressure isn’t easy. We can help.

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How We Help Government Organizations

We provide industry experience and technology solutions to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Common Challenges

  • Budget cuts
  • Expense control requirements
  • Transitioning from paper to digital records
  • Information security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reactive print consumables ordering
  • Waste reduction
  • Disaster recovery

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Government Focused Solutions

Perhaps no industry sector is as cost-conscious as government entities. Among the many other functions that must be managed, print sometimes gets overlooked in the budget picture.

Such factors as outdated office devices and software, along with resource-wasting print habits, can undermine both budget and productivity.

We can help

UBS has wide-ranging experience contracting with local, state and educational government agencies to optimize their print fleets with one overriding goal: to help these organizations get the most from every dollar and every minute spent on documentation management.

The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of your workplace, including equipment inventory, usage statistics and their related costs.

You will likely find that some basic changes can lead to dramatic cost savings – often up to 30 percent!

UBS is your source for:

  • Hardware and software selected to meet specific needs
  • Employee training and support to reduce unnecessary printing
  • Comprehensive IT security measures
  • Proactive tech support to reduce the risk of downtime
  • Cloud-based solutions to facilitate remote usage and save internal bandwidth
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It’s easy to do and you’ll receive a detailed fact-based report on your organization’s current print activities and expenses. You’ll immediately be able to identify avoidable waste and cost savings opportunities that could free up budget dollars for more mission critical projects. Your custom report will incorporate a complete inventory of all your print-related equipment, actual usage by device, and true cost of hardcopy output – including those tricky hidden expenses buried in departmental budgets! Your UBS assessment professional will also provide suggestions on identified areas to reduce print, lower expenses, recycle more, and streamline workflow with hardcopy and digital documents to improve efficiency.
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