If your vision of the fax machine is a loud, cumbersome piece of hardware tied to a landline phone, the good news is that facsimile devices have evolved dramatically in recent years.

Today, you can transmit faxes through a multifunction printer without the need to connect to a physical phone line. With UBS installing user-hosted session initiated protocol (SIP) trunks at an affordable price, users can send faxes right from their Windows-enabled desktops or mobile devices.

You can even have your faxes routed to email or other document drivers for convenient digital storage and retrieval.

What this means for your organization is …

  • Fewer required phone lines to maintain normal communications
  • Lower per-fax cost than the rate of long-distance phone lines
  • Enhanced ease and productivity for users
  • The integration of stand-alone fax machines to supplement multifunction printers where needed
  • The confidence of UBS ongoing tech support to mitigate any potential bottlenecks
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